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4 & 5 octobre 2023 Palexpo, Genève
Matthias Schmidt

Matthias Schmidt

Director of Learning Architecture & Strategy

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Curriculum vitae

Matthias Schmidt, as Lead Architect, is in charge of transforming the Learning & Development function and strategically aligning the re-and upskilling efforts to the long-term strategy of Swisscom
Group. Besides his significant role, he is also a seasoned education technology scout of Swisscom Ventures’ digital transformation fund. As a tech-savvy executive, Matthias steers critical and
transformative growth projects through the lens of human capital and makes it his mission to encourage more effective and impactful learning in the workplace. Outside his day-to-day work,
Matthias is an advisor to education technology incubators and vividly supports local initiatives toward the digitalization of education in Switzerland. To stay healthy and fit, he is an avid endurance
athlete and competes in Ironman races worldwide; and shares a huge passion for sports working with visually impaired runners, offering them guidance and encouragement throughout training and
races. Before Swisscom, Matthias gained professional experience in strategy consulting, worked on the buy and sell-side of Private Equity in TIME industries, and spearheaded the corporate
development in settings of cultural diversity in Thailand, the USA, and the UK. Matthias holds a degree in European Business Administration and is an executive doctorate candidate at the
University of Pennsylvania.
Keynotes EN

Learning Culture – Where are we now?

06.10.2022 13:05 - 13:35, Keynote Arena
A positive learning culture is essential to effect meaningful and long-lasting organizational changes.
Literature has established that successful leaders can build and nurture learning cultures among the
workforce. However, less is known about how learning leaders can shape the culture and make
learning conditions more favorable. This presentation is about how Swisscom’s L&D function is
striving and surviving in the cosmos of workplace micro-cultures and drives the business
transformation from a people perspective.

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