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Exhibitor list 2022


AssessFirst SAS

Hire the right people for the right roles. AssessFirst’s advanced behavioural assessments help Talent Acquisition, HR and hiring managers understand their candidate’s personality, motivations and cognitive ability. Leveraging machine learning built into the AssessFirst platform, organisations can predict the probability of success of new hires for fast, fair, performance driven recruitment.

Halle 2 | D.17


1to1PROGRESS is a Qualiopi-certified language training organisation that has been helping companies and their employees around the world to develop their language skills since 2010. Discover our 100% distance blended solution with individual lessons, virtual classes, E-learning and microlearning modules.
All with a proprietary LMS platform to support learners in their training.
Halle 2 | D.16-C
Halle 2 | E.10-12
Halle 2 | B.10

Api’Hop Formation

Api’Hop Formation is the training organization of Ovale Performance and Swiss Team Performance, consulting/training firms that improve your company’s performance.
Api’Hop Formation provides you with the first European multilingual platform in the field of Lean/6-Sigma E-Learning to improve your employees’ skills. The goal is to lead them towards an Operational Excellence approach.
It allows your company to accelerate progress.
Halle 2 | B.12

autoSense AG

Our goal is a more efficient and safer mobility, achieved by digitally networking drivers with their vehicles.
Our users can autonomously choose, activate and use a digital assistant for the car, as well as access the growing ecosystem with services from our multiple partners. autoSense will continue to pursue this path and further develop the mobility ecosystem for Swiss motorists.
Halle 2 | E.08-8


Advice to companies for enhancing the employability and career management of employees from the age of 45, organization of retirement preparation seminars, presentation of conferences on topics related to the situation of seniors before retirement.
Halle 2 | C.22-C

Avenir Consulting SA

Avenir Group is your go-to partner for the development and implementation of integrated services and solutions in human resource management.
Halle 2 | B.08

Infront Sports & Media AG
B2Run Schweizer Firmenlauf

Be Active. Together

- memorable team event
- health promotion
- team building
- employee motivation
- corporate identification
- running for a good cause
Halle 2 | B.18

Babbel for Business

Babbel for Business is the B2B offering from Babbel, the world’s leading language learning application. We offer companies a blended learning solution in 14 languages, focused on developing practical oral and written communication skills that are directly relevant to their business needs.

More than 1,000 companies already trust our expertise!
Halle 2 | E.15
Halle 2 | D.01


Beetween is a SaaS recruitment software for digitalising and centralising all your recruitment tasks.
From the writing and multi-posting of a job offer to the generation of the employment contract, via the job interview, Beetween facilitates the management of the entire recruitment process.
Halle 2 | E.11
Halle 2 | A.04

Cegedim SRH

Cegedim SRH is specialized in solutions and services for the management of payroll and Human Resources. A key player, the company has over than 25 years of expertise in the field of HR outsourcing.
Halle 2 | B.05
Halle 2 | D.08-A
Halle 2 | D.25-3

Coopt & Smile SAS

Coopt & Smile is an employment service referral.

Companies post their job offers to our community.
Then, our network of individuals and professionals is responsible for transmitting these opportunities to the right candidates.

Our Network identify people who are looking for a job. Each time they are hired, they are paid.
Halle 2 | E.08-5

Coorpacademy SA

Coorpacademy is a European leading Edtech startup in Digital Learning. Our mission is revolutionising online corporate training with a platform and a Smart Content Library that integrates the latest innovations in instructional design, including gamification, microlearning, adaptive and social learning. We’re based in Paris and in Lausanne at the Swiss EdTech Collider of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
Halle 2 | D.12
Halle 2 | E.08-6
Halle 2 | B.15
Halle 2 | Stand des médias

Crésus, Le logiciel de gestion - Epsitec SA

Crésus – the 100% Swiss Management Software
Accounting – Invoicing – Payrolling: everything you need for your company!
Crésus has over 25 000 users, both on PC and Mac. It is one of the Top 5 Business Management Solutions for SME in Switzerland. Mac, Windows and Linux.
Edited by Epsitec SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
Halle 2 | C.16


Dawan is a training company, created in 2000 in order to help employees upskilling and developing additional competences.

We offer more than 2000 training courses and we have specially developed our training program about I.T. competences, office automation, business and management.

We support you in your training plans and offer classroom trainings or tailored-trainings. We train your teams on your premises, live online or in one of our centers.
Halle 2 | C.22-B

Devillard SA

As the leader in French-speaking Switzerland in the SME market, Devillard is the well-known and recognised specialist in the field of document solutions. Today, we are the only company in the French-speaking part of Switzerland to combine expertise in these four areas of activity, i.e. IT management, printing (using multifunctional printing machines), Electronic Document Management (EDM) and interactive screens.
Halle 2 | D.04
Halle 2 | D.25-7


edtake is the first workspace dedicated to the pedagogical design of training courses. It supports all types of organisations in their projects thanks to a multitude of tools designed by and for the training industry.
It is also the first marketplace for freelancers in the EdTech sector, allowing you to outsource all or part of your projects with ease.
Halle 2 | E.10-1
Halle 2 | Stand des médias


The LMS/LAS Experquiz is a comprehensive digital learning solution, to build and deploy objective assessments, make training more efficient, foster the sharing of knowledge and build up expertise.

With ExperQuiz you can create evaluations and certifications easily, add interactive tools to your courses, design and deploy e-learning modules, manage skills and qualifications, design and submit surveys to assess your training courses.
Halle 2 | C.21-B


FELFEL is revoltionizing meals at work with its smart fridge. FELFEL is the cheapest alternative to classic canteens, in the form of a smart wood-clad fridge, for companiers with 25 or more employees who wish to offer good meals at work. The menu, which changes every week, consists of 20 ultra-fresh dishes prepared by FELFEL’s partner Chefs ans also includes snacks and drinks. Test for yourself by booking a free tasting on the website www.felfel.ch.
Halle 2 | C.05

Finders SA

Finders SA provides a unique integrated HR Solution : Find excellent people with the precision and professionalism of the Recruitment Division and Optimise their potential using the HR Consultancy Division for expertise and interventions to increase the effectiveness of the HR department and the people in your business.
Halle 2 | C.12


At Flowbow we help our clients to digitalise the development of their employees’ skills.
We support our clients, training organisations or companies, thanks to our 100% customised services and our expertise in cognitive psychology and digital learning.
Thank you to all those who already trust Flowbow’s teams, including Mercedes-Benz Academy, l’Occitane, Castorama, Paris City Hall, ASF, Peugeot....
Halle 2 | E.10-3

Flying Teachers

Flying Teachers has been offering targeted language training for your employees throughout Switzerland for 25 years!
Our courses are tailored to your industry.

Flying Teachers is not only a language school, it is also an innovative competence centre for professional development.

Face-to-face or online courses.
Wherever and however you want!
Halle 2 | D.21-C
Halle 2 | Stand des médias


Foederis offers the most innovative Talent Management solution on the market
• Recruitment, Core HR, Performance & Competencies, Training, Compensation
• A best of breed SaaS offer
• A deep understanding of HR processes
• International, user friendly and intelligent solutions
• A profitable company with local teams in France, Switzerland & Belgium

500 customers trust Foederis: ECA, Caterpillar, Kiabi, Essilor, Ferring, Demathieu Bard, FIA, Lafarge Holcim...
Halle 2 | C.07
Halle 2 | D.07-C


Since 1981, GIT creates business management software. WinEUR Payrol offers all necessary features for the treatment of salaries according to Swiss standards. The program allows an analysis of salary costs under customised criteria. Swissdec 4.0 certified, import from Excel, customised lists with data extraction, allowing different access levels, holidays registration, multi-lnaguages, multi-currencies (optional), link with M-Files (GED).
Halle 2 | B.17
Halle 2 | E.10-11
Halle 2 | E.10-4

HEC Paris Executive Education

HEC Paris – Executive Education

Founded in 1881, HEC Paris is an internationally renowned Business School and is ranked among the world leaders in education.

As an academic institution with close ties to the corporate world, we can provide you with the means to carry out your projects and develop the performance, the ability to innovate and the agility of your teams.
Halle 2 | D.07-B
Halle 2 | B.09
Halle 2 | E.10-13
| E.10-7
Halle 2 | D.25-2

HR Today

HR Today is the leading Swiss professional journal for HR managers and has been providing up-to-date industry news, professional articles and useful background information for the HR workday since 2001. In line with the claim «Know-how for tomorrow», HR Today deliberately focuses on future-oriented content in order to support the HR readership today in shaping tomorrow. The French version of the magazine is produced by an editorial team based in French-speaking Switzerland.
Halle 2 | A.20
Halle 2 | E.10-9

Inergy SA

Inergy is a team of experts specialised in IT projects such as IT managed services, printing (via multifunctional devices), Electronic Document Management and interactive screens. For almost 20 years, the company has specialised in helping SMEs to make the transition to digital technology.
Halle 2 | D.04

Interiware HR Solutions
Logiciel SAM / Interijob


Interiware has been publishing the SAM software suite for over 20 years.
Certified by Swissdec, Swissstaffing and tempdata.ch, this suite is a management tool dedicated to companies in Switzerland specialized in the field of service rental. It provides all the necessary tools for the complete management of such an activity, management of candidates, clients and the multiple Swiss CCT.
Halle 2 | F.11

Isograd Testing Services

Isograd Testing Services: The assessment solution for recruitment and training.

Our testing catalog helps you recruit the best profiles, improve the performance of your teams and place skills at the heart of your strategy. 
Halle 2 | A.14


Keeple, an easy absence management software : save your time with our ergonomic, simple & efficient HR software solution !

- A time-saving software
- A much better employee experience
- A simplified legal watch
Halle 2 | C.22-A
Halle 2 | B.22
Halle 2 | Keynote


Linkeys est une plateforme de recrutement participatif conçue par des experts de la cooptation à destination des services RH, des dirigeants d’entreprises et des professionnels du recrutement. Recrutez plus vite et améliorez la qualité de vos recrutements avec nos solutions de recrutement : sourcez de nouveaux candidats grâce à vos propres collaborateurs et au réseau de coopteurs Linkeys.
Halle 2 | D.08-C


Logitio, an innovative company, designs and markets collaborative HRIS software around employee skills through 5 modules to optimize human resources management : Skills, Training, Accreditation, Interview and Objective.
Halle 2 | E.10-14
Halle 2 | D.08-B
Halle 2 | D.10

MAGMA Learning

MAGMA Learning helps companies enhance the effectiveness and impact of their training programs thanks to AI innovations.

Employees succeed in going from theory to practice with the support of our personal AI tutor app.

Your training materials are automatically transformed into interactive microlearning that adapts intelligently to the needs and abilities of each of your employees. The evolution of their knowledge is visualized to boost motivation and monitor progress.
Halle 2 | C.21-A

Map & Match

map & match is a managerial performance solution born from the conviction that it is possible to reconcile the search for meaning and well-being of employees with the economic challenges of the company.
Witch an online questionnaire that reveals a NEW talent profile for each employee and a platform that consolidate these profiles in Team’s or Organization ‘s Map, to give the keys to optimize the individual performance and the collaboration in teams to make them more efficient and engaged.
Halle 2 | E.10-6
Halle 2 | B.03
Halle 2 | A.12

my coaching partners SA

Alessandro de Vita Zublena has an extraordinary experience acquired in more than 45’000 hours of coaching since 1994. He started as an independent coach with Adzconseil and later he created my coaching partners SA with the mission to unlock higher levels of human performance through the New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Alessandro and his team offer coaching for Companies, individuals and athletes.
Halle 2 | D.25-4
Halle 2 | F.12


Our DNA: build together the training that suits you.
We create unique and gamified training courses thanks to e-learning modules, serious games, motion design, e-learning and virtual and augmented reality modules.
Our creations are tailor-made for engaging and fun training adapted to your LMS in order to ensure a follow-up of all your learners.
Neuro-pedagogy is at the heart of our expertise.
Halle 2 | C.13
Halle 2 | E.10-15


Qrew is an Peopel Management Software that unlocks the potential of teams :

Engage your employees,
Align the strategic objectives of your companies with individual objectives
Improve the dialogue between your employees and your managers.
Create a feedback culture.

Thanks to Qrew managed easily and efficiently:
- Your manager employee interviews
- Track your goals with the OKR method
- Carry out your QVT & Feedback surveys
Halle 2 | E.10-16

Reality Academy

Reality Academy is an edtech startup specialized in \"Learning by Doing\". An active pedagogy that immerses learners into real-life situations to train them through practice.

In collaboration with business experts, we have developed the widest catalogue of training courses in Virtual Reality on different topics: Management, Sales, Work Safety, Road Safety, Cybersecurity or Diversity.
Halle 2 | E.10-2


Relaxinc - Corporate well-being solutions - offers a range of services aimed at improving the well-being of your employees, increasing their productivity and reducing absenteeism.
Chair massage, meditation, nutrition, yoga and physical activity, workshops and conferences, wellness weeks, …
Let your employees know how important their Health and Well-being are!
Halle 2 | E.03


RESOURCE is the Swiss HR directory. This guide is distributed by HP media. It is a useful tool for the Swiss HR professionals. Information structured in the form of data bases. RESOURCE gives the right and useful Information’s for the various partners of the HR Swiss world in order to develop partnerships and HR management strategies.
Halle 2 | D.14

Retraites Populaires

Fondée en 1907 Retraites Populaires est une institution publique à but non lucratif sans actionnaires à rémunérer. Sa mission est de faciliter l’accès à la prévoyance pour tous. Elle est active dans l’assurance vie, la prévoyance professionnelle, l’immobilier, les prêts et la gestion de caisses de pension. Elle gère plus de 200’000 assurés actifs et pensionnés pour un total de CHF 29 milliards de fonds sous gestion.
Halle 2 | C.17

Sanitas Assurance Maladie

Sanitas is one of the most popular health insurers in Switzerland, with extremely attractive solutions for both companies and individuals.
Halle 2 | D.21-B

Singulia SA

Singulia LTD. offers robust (science-based) and innovative methods (e.g. DuaPotentia®) in the field of assessment (assessment centers, short assessments, testings), career counseling & outplacement, development (training & coaching) and HR consulting (in particular competency management). On the occasion of our 5th anniversary, surprises await you at our stand!
Halle 2 | C.09


Skilder is the first professional skill assessment solution that analyzes emotions, and the tone and content of oral and written expressions.
Live the unique experience of an immersive and professional simulation.

The solution is fully customizable to allow you to optimize your HR processes, and includes Applicant Tracking, Learning Management and Talent management Systems.
Halle 2 | C.19

smart info - Xefi Genève Eaux-Vives sàrl

A smart location based time and attendance tracking and management system implemented on smartphones generating dematerialized OCIRT report: www.tempsdepresence.ch. Our automated time and attendance monitoring system provides many benefits to organizations with flexible working hours and diverse locations, including reducing the need of pen and paper based manual attendance tracking system.
0 paper expense report management software with smart scan of expenses via smartphones and automated calcu
Halle 2 | E.08-7

softgarden e-recruiting GmbH

Recognised as one of the European leaders of digital recruitment companies, softgarden processes over 2 million applications per year. We place candidates at the center of the recruitment process. With our ATS, feedback module, premium career page and referral manager, we give you the tools to improve the quality and quantity of your applications. Optimise your conversion: we apply e-commerce principles to recruitment!
Halle 2 | E.12

Swibeco SA

Swibeco is the only Swiss benefits solution that centralises shopping savings, rewards and tax-free benefits for employees on one digital platform. Swibeco’s modular offering includes a discount platform with strong brands, an innovative credit system for employee rewards and a meal card with the largest acceptance network in Switzerland. This way, we help SMEs to large organisation to boost their team satisfaction and loyalty.
Halle 2 | D.05


swissstaffing is a service center and center of excellence for staff leasing companies in Switzerland. As an employers’ association, swissstaffing represents the interests of its 400 members in matters of policy, the economy and society. swissstaffing is a social partner of the CBA on Staff Leasing, the agreement covering more employees in Switzerland than any other.
Halle 2 | Partenaire
Halle 2 | F.20


Work with one of the world’s fastest-growing job search platforms to find talent, your way.

No matter your budget, technological know-how, or volume of jobs, Talent.com’s dedicated, international team adapts to your job posting needs and helps you grow.
Halle 2 | C.20
Halle 2 | C.04


Discover tipee, the reference application for time management and HR portal!
tipee is an efficient time management web application : schedule, absence, part-time, real-time balance, vacation request and clock in/out.
tipee is also a complete HR portal : employee directory, employee file, salary sheet, HR indicators, internal communication, quality documentation.
Halle 2 | B.07

TSM Compagnie d’Assurances

TSM Insurance Company is active in various fields, such as Assistance, Marine Insurance, Special lines, Guarantees and Car Insurance. Thanks to our Assistance branch, TSM offers a 360° solution for medical/security assistance and comprehensive travel related questions.
Halle 2 | C.02

Université de Genève

The University of Geneva provides continuing education programmes-Master/Diploma/Certificate of Advanced Studies, conferences and short courses- for professionals to update their knowledge and acquire new competencies in presential, blended learning or at distance.
Halle 2 | B.04
Halle 2 | B.11

weTeam, Conseil RH Houriet

We develop the leadership, strategy and culture that foster cohesion, boldness and performance in your teams. For more than 15 years, we have been passionately coaching leaders, teams and organisations in the success of their transformations.
#Leadership #Culture #Innovation #Coaching
Halle 2 | D.25-6

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